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Circus of Chaos show launches on KOFY TV in San Francisco, CA. It airs every Saturday night at 11pm. It features past cast members and guests from the Creepy KOFY Movietime show. Circus of Chaos is a 30 minute comedy, horror variety show featuring artists from around the country and the world. Puppets, celebrities, dancing girls, clowns, cosplayers and fights are common occurrences on the show.

Circus of Chaos Covers the Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose

Circus of Chaos sends Eden Alexander to the Soiled Dove for a night of fun.

 The Circus of Chaos is looking for sponsors & executive producers to take over season 2. Can you make it happen?

Cousin Dave and Rad Chad will be at the San Diego Comic Con covering all things horror, toys, cosplay and anything else freaky.

Cousin Dave visits the San Francisco Comic Con.

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